5 Advantages Of Renting A House In Orange County

One of the greatest places to live in the United States is in Orange County, California. It offers beauty, panoramic views, a perfect blend of suburban and urban living (but not too much urban) perfect climate, and the gorgeous coastline that spreads over forty miles.

The old sayings of “Home sweet home” and “Location, Location, Location” definitely hold true in Orange County. However, you will need to decide whether renting or buying a house is best for you. The decision is not an easy one as both alternatives have their pros and cons – however for most people, renting offers a far more flexible option.

When looking at the issue of renting vs buying, it is important to look at the advantages of renting, which will shed some light as to why renting versus buying a home may prove a much better choice.


Benefits Of Renting Versus Buying:

  1. The freedom it offers is one of the most important issues with renting a home. Since a rental contract can be negotiated for more or less time, this can be the perfect option for people who are exploring a particular neighborhood to later buy a home, or for people who have jobs that need them to relocate frequently. In addition, it is the perfect solution for those people who are not quite ready to commit to a lifestyle with a mortgage.
  2. The ongoing cost of ownership is non-existent when you rent a home. All repairs are paid and done by the property owner, leaving you with freedom of time and more money in your pocket. Help is just a phone call away without having to deal with the burden of home repairs.
  3. The level of commitment involved in renting vs buying a home is very different; you are talking short-term vs long-term here. You are not locked-in as in the case of a mortgage. If you need to move fast for any reasons, you can always negotiate something quick with your landlord.  On the other hand, if you own a home and need to relocate right away for some reason, you will have to put your home for sale, or rent and that can take a long time. In addition, many people cannot afford paying two mortgages at once or the maintenance and upkeep of two properties.
  4. Peace of mind and no sleep lost over equity ups and downs. With the recent economic meltdown, many homes value plummeted and homeowners found themselves with no equity or with very little, and in many cases owing more than what the home is worth. When you rent, this does not become one of your worries.
  5. Home ownership is more expensive than renting. When you own a home, you have to pay a mortgage, maintain your home, repair your home, home-owners insurance, pay all utilities, and pay taxes on your property. When you rent, you just have to worry about just that – paying your rent and some utilities.

These days, renting a home makes good sense for a lot of people. If you’re serious about renting a home in Orange County, contact us. We make finding the right OC home rental easy.