How To Get Approved With Pets

How To Get Approved With Pets

Tips for getting a landlord to accept your rental application when you have pets

While you are working on your search for pet friendly rentals, keep in mind that finding landlords that are pet friendly, dog friendly, or cat friendly is not always easy. Once you find a rental property that you like, you may have to convince the owners that your pets are well behaved and won’t damage the property.

Here are some tips to negotiate your way into the purrfect home for Fido and Miss Kitty.

  1. Assemble a package that may include a letter from your vet stating the health of your animals,  their disposition, any vaccinations and city permits, any training certificates, dog/cat show awards, a pet’s resume, a letter from you to the landlord as why the home will make a perfect home for you and Fido. This will show your landlord that you are serious, organized, prepared, pay attention to detail, and can be the perfect tenant.
  2. Include some quality photos of you with your pet. Make sure that the photos show your pets as being sweet and well behaved.
  3.  Talk to your rental agent.  Some dog-friendly house rental owners will accept small dogs but may think twice about accepting large dogs. Make sure to communicate with your rental agent about the size of your dog and if there is more than one pet in the household. Sometimes, there will be a restriction on the number of pets you can have.
  4. Invite the landlord to your home.  If the landlord is willing to negotiate but needs some encouragement, you can offer an invitation for him to visit your current residence and meet your four-legged family members.  This is assuming that it is spotless and will help your negotiations and not harm them.
  5. Enlist the help of a pet friendly neighbor that can attest how sweet your dog is and that it is not disruptive. Ask some of your past neighbors to give you signed testimonials.
  6. Address all of your potential landlord’s concerns with respect to your pets in a honest and responsible way.

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